Profile –Youth Trainee Program 2015/16

Shreyas Social Service Centre –Sulthan Bathery, Wayanad, Kerala

Women Empowerment for Sustainable Development

Description of the organization

PGS cooperates with Shreyas Social Service Centre for carrying out a new project for women empowerment through ecological farming and nature friendly waste management systems. Shreyas is an NGO where 80% of the members are women. Shreyas Social Service Centre is founded in the year 1979 by the Malankara Catholic Diocese of Bathery, dedicated to the development and the empowerment of the marginalized, irrespective of their religion, gender, colour and political affiliation. Since its inception Shreyas is engaged in building up a new social order with gender and environmental sensitivity based on moral values and principles. Entering into the 36th year of social service, Shreyas could promote 2462 CBOs, coordinating 40,000 families, covering a total population of one hundred and ninety four thousand.


This new project “Women Empowerment for Sustainable Development in Wayand” in Kerala has an overall goal to create a sustainable model village in Kuppady village in Wayanad district of Kerala. The model village will be ecologically endurable, socially equitable, economically viable, and with justifiable human and environmental rights through empowering 3000 women farmers. The first step towards this overall goal is envisaged as preparing and empowering 3000 families in Kuppadi village to create an attitudinal change by safeguarding human rights, emphasizing on environment protection and promoting gender equity. The main objectives include organic farming, women empowerment activities, creating model households with respect to respecting women rights, organic farming and waste disposal.

The behavioral change with respect to respecting women’s rights, converting to environmental protection and following right waste management practices are other important components.



About the project where the trainee will be working

Shreyas Natural Fibre Handicrafts Production Training

Shreyas training centre is running a training programme for selected women from SulthanBathery block in Wayanad district, Kerala. Different types of natural material is being introduced for learning how to make useful products with simple techniques to create income generating possibilities for unemployed women in the area. Wood material like bamboo, screw pine and different types of grass and fiber from banana and jute fibers is used for the production.

All participants are given special training as artisans for making the different products such as ladies’ bags, hand bags, slide sling bags, mirrors, mats, small pouches and lamp shades.

(This was a project supported by National Centre for Design and Product Development and the 8 months training is successfully completed and at present no such training is going on. In such a situation we can organize waste management and composting methods and organic farming practices. Whether this will be convenient or not – otherwise we have to find out some amount for the purchase of raw materials)

The trainees can do basic details gathering from the WE Wayanad project area.  The project area is about 2000 ha. Also the internship trainees can collect information about the waste management systems in the project area as well as in Sulthan Bathery Town. At the same time we can organize training programmes in waste management and composting methods and organic farming practices in the project area and other operational areas of Shreyas. The trainees can prepare some guidelines for the successful implementation of the WE Wayanad project.  The trainees can visit the project area for that. We can provide the support of our field  staff to the trainees.



Tasks for the trainee


Reporting in Shreyas central office

Organize the participants with the help of our community organisors

Facilitating sessions for the members at different locations

Facilitate sessions for the children

Interact with the participants

Motivating the participants

Providing handouts/ training materials to the participants


Weekly report submission to Shreyas

Power point presentation on the last day of the internship in Shreyas

Final report submission to Shreyas



Profile of the trainee

Has to love hands-on exposure

Has to love being with people (not alone in a lab)

Teaching communication

Someone with a basic vocational training and/or academic education.

In the case of the latter someone who has been into some amount of practice.

The fields of vocational/academic training could be handicraftsproduction or organic or environmental engineering and management, and teaching in these or any other field of interventions of Shreyas.

Capacity to organise training on different handicrafts products and its marketing


Contact details 

Prof. Mohan Babu, Principal, Alphonsa College, Sulthan Bathery, Wayanad

Contact No: +919447022890

Mr. Sasikumar P B, Project Officer, Shreyas

Contact No: +919446163106

Fr. Dr.  Puthenveettil, Executive Director, Shreyas

Contact No. +918281824921


Shreyas Social Service Centre

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Wayanad District, Kerala, India

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